Thursday, February 14, 2019

Sugar Snow and Unridden Trails

A ride from Old Timers to Gnome and back to Blue Man for a return to Mill Creek in style.

The return to Mill Creek was for a search for a missing skewer part that drastically helps in the cold with my back tire being off. With the tire on, my rear window of the Jeep is open and the bike sticks out. In the end, the part was never found. I knew it was like searching for Waldo at a barber shop sweater convention (ok, wait.. what!?)

My own fault. Typical of me cause its something that should have been fixed months ago. I blame work but in the end I am a terrible procrastinator.

The ride started out good but quickly went to meh. Gnome trail was a letdown as the tracks were not there from fellow riders. The snow was sugary and shitty making it a struggle. Once off I decided to double back and hit Mill Creek in the off chance my skewer part was there somewhere in the snow from yesterday. I had intended to ride West Coast and duck up into Mill Creek but again. Lack of riders packing down trails made things look quite shitty.

'W.T.F... '  A thought that stuck in my mind knowing there are tons of people who ride fat bikes in the area, even in the cold which I avoided last set off. Are people sheep and only follow other tracks? Maybe, but I avoided West Coast at the cost of my poor lack of riding fitness. So I complain but I am one too.

Blue Man group was the same situation. Nothing but footprints and no fat bike or any sign of a bike whatsoever. I made it down unscathed and rode the paved to the 76th ave crossing and turned back taking the singletrack back.

That is where the magic happened on Earthshaker and The Trap (both heavily ridden trails) and my out of body experiences came into full effect. Cannabis is legal in Canada now you say? Fuck cannabis. Ride bikes. It's much more fun.

In the end. An amazing ride. Just wish I could figure out why nobody is riding those other amazing trails...

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