Friday, May 10, 2019

Beer Friday. Hard Knock Brewery. Sun Up to Sun Down .

We having a Beer Friday done on an actual Friday? Well hold on son. This shit is actually going down.

Wait! What? It's not even a previously written and posted later review? This is actually happening live? Well ladies, gentlemen and transients... Or is it transitioners? Oh damnit! Now I think I insulted the third part of the community. If I can explain myself please... Is it the third part? Is that bad too?

Truth be told. I don't care one way or another. People switching are doing whats best for themselves. Lets leave them be, this includes the left side as much as it does the right.

Hard Knock was established in two-seventeen so it's just an infant in the brewery world. It was established in Black Diamond Alberta. A kickass old Albertan mining town which is brimming with pride. Let's pour some beer.

We poured this into my trusty Park Tool tester mug and a dirty beer filled the glass. It was like tainted ginger ale. A short lived two and a half fingered head made it's presence. Brown sugar was the main bandit when it came to smelling this. Well that and old banana. The old banana smell worried me as I am one of those who believe banana flavouring should not be in any food with the exception of bananas.

Well we tasted it and guess what. Bananas are strong. So I did what any good reviewer did. I kept going. I'm not going to let some bananas ruin the most grandeur Beer Friday that ever was! Hell no!I'm going to climb onto that horse and ride that bad ass into the sunset with my beer stein in my hand.

We tasted it again and well holy crap. I can't...

Sorry Hard Knox. It's not your fault.

This beer gets 0 suds out of 5.

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