Sunday, July 7, 2019

Beer Friday. Fernie Brewing, Slow Drift Witbier

Welcome to Sunday's edition of Beer Friday which now comes complete with the exclusive Lonebiker injury log. A quick paragraph (or 5) on how things are progressing via the very pissed and mentally unstable nerve that is ruining Summer.

What's that your thinking? Oh... This non ending rain is making things very shitty for the healthy folk out riding and it sucks anyways. What I would give to just have one quick paved trail ride right now.

Yes. I had to be that annoying dick and go there... I get it. If I was riding now the weather would be quite disastrous to one who loves riding singletrack all day. I sadly see people posting on Facebooks mountain bike local page covered in mud trying to get likes while they are out wrecking the trails in order to get some acknowledgment on how hardcore they are. I think I am getting grumpier and grumpier as I spend more time at home doing nothing.

As far as rides on this end go... As per Doctor orders, missing another set off of work which would start Tuesday night, instead I will be in my den building plastic models with periodic breaks to get angry at people riding muddy trails. So with that news, no horizon on the bikes returning to this blog and for me, very sadly goodbye Fall trip plans.

Fernie Brewing has been on here quite a bit and I feel need no introduction. It's Fernie. It's fucking awesome you knuckleheads. Can we get on with the pour now?

Well fuckballs...

It appears we did this one in October of seventeen. Sorry, I swear we checked if this one was done at the store before purchasing.

Here is a link to the original, and I'd stick with this review >> Slow Drift Witbier. This is good stuff.

See you next week kids. Enjoy the riding and don't ride mu... Do I really have to say it?

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