Thursday, August 1, 2019

Happy August Bike Day

Parking at the edge of mill Creek and not even entering Mill's cavernous welcoming opening is the life equivalent of ending up at the hot high school crush's basement room and choosing not to touch her. Instead you just creepily stare at her and smell her hair when she glances away.

That's what I did at Mill /Creek today. I parked and avoided it but hung out so close you could feel her breath. You could smell her essence. It was beautiful and frustrating as I would not let myself down there. Only rode around the ravine like a thief in the night looking for a dark house to break into.

I didn't feel like I was ready for trails as this ride comes after hobbling around with a terrible nerve pain issue in my leg.

I did survive 84 hours of work in 7 days so a bike ride today was impromptu.

The ride? Started from my old school parking spot and skirted around the ravine like a shy band leader afraid to go into the group and chill out. The ride was shit. Not a great return to the glorious streets of Edmonton.

In the end no leg pain. Although right now there seems top be some issues which will surely put the next planned ride in limbo. 

Not gonna lie. Quite sick of this bullshit already.

See you later for some beer.. 

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