Friday, November 8, 2019

Shit Slop (The Fat Bike Edition)

A ride on the wrong bike in shitty conditions on the start of another set of days off. The fatback was ridden in wet sloppy conditions on paved trails. I swear I heard my tires screaming in agony as I rolled along on the studs on plain wet boring pavement evidently wanting to put an end to their existence.

They fought back though. Don't think for a second that those big ass tires are going to sit idly by as you force them to ride boring paved bullshit forcing the studs that keep you safe in the sketchy Winter by grinding their tops off on the asphalt. The tires retaliated by throwing a 5 inch swath of shit up my legs and back in a relentless effort to the spike injustice I was putting the bike through. I swear I was soaked within three kilometres. I could feel the wet sand that was picked up and thrown up from the ground on my inner thighs immediately.

This is shitbike weather kids and I epically failed and missed the memo.

The ride took place in the Capilaon area. A lot of ill-speak from yours truly about this one but you know what? It was all win win. Coming off nights I am usually a pile of shit for a few days and this was my first full day off. When a bike ride happens after nights the bike heavens open up and rain down happy bike vibes.

What will happen tomorrow? Will I ride? Will I be stricken from working a week of all nighters?

Oh man, you guys are gonna fall off your chairs in anticipation.

potty break late 2k19 yo!

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