Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Beer New Years. Collective Arts Brewing, Stranger Than Fiction

Happy New Years kids.

Is tomorrow the day you all go back? That is back to the grind.. The cubicles, the traffic, the TPS reports.. Or do you still have till this coming Monday? That buys you four more days! Whatcha gonna do? I hear there are some good trail conditions down in that valley of mine right now. Whatcha say?

Wow! That's two "whatcha's" in the manner of two sentences. You can probably expect more shoddy writing as we continue with this one. Nights just ended for me this morning which resulted in a day where I slept most of it away which will most certainly screw me up tonight. Normally I try to have a few hour nap at the end of a night rotation which helps kick me over to a normal person. I slept too much today and now feel like garbage. Thank you Lord for beer.

Collective Arts which is located in Hamilton have been on here before back in Two Thousand and Seventeen display local artists work on their cans which is pretty cool.

We poured and a dark brew poured out from the artsy can where a one fingered head appeared and slowly but not too slowly faded away ironically just like 2019 did last night. We sipped and whoa man! This one is full of flavour. Nuts, dark chocolate toffee and oddly enough black licorice (and I hate black licorice) and a whole assortment of other flavours which I could not even begin to describe in my state of despair. Ok, here is one more. cocoa.


This beer gets 4.5 suds out of 5.

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