Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Happy Wednesday

Sorry to leave you with only one ride this time off.. I feel terrible about it. I really do!

The plan was to at least ride today but between a lack of sleep, endless dumps of snow and super frigid temperatures I ended up hiding at Lb headquarters.

On the upside for the blog;

Top three worst rides of the year post is done and will be posted in the coming days. The top five best rides will be posted shortly after.

Debating on posting the top Ten rides of Lonebiker history as part of the ten year anniversary celebrations taking place. It would be fitting as we enter a new decade. So stay tuned for that one if we go ahead with it. It will be lots of research which means time which I don't really have. Oh yes... I have interns..

A Night Off Photo Journey

When in the middle of a night rotation and you get a night off. A swell thing to do would be to tour around with your camera some would say....