Sunday, March 15, 2020

Familiar Drugs

Finally. I got out in the cold after hiding in the house from the cold for the last three days.

Yes I know... I'm a weak weak man.

The intent was there to ride though I tell ya. On two occasions I packed the bike and drove (to the outskirts of Beaumont) and turned around. Yesterday was the day that made me go out today despite what the weather was doing. A day spent cruising social media and getting quite depressed about the current state of humanity.

Why do I do that? I seriously know better.

So here we are, first ride of the set off and it was short but great. A parking spot at Kinseman kicked me across the river to Victoria's Secret and then Groat Road Rollercoaster (sorry, I just can't call it by it's new name.) If you are responsible for the name change and happen to be reading this need not be offended, I'm just an older white male and we are truly set in our ways.

The trails were so nice I rode them back on the return and took the High Level back to Kinseman. Like I said it was short but quite amaze.

This is Getting Repetitive

\ Welp, after fixing the glaring grammatical error on yesterday's post it is time to write another Cameron Heights start post work bike ...