Friday, May 8, 2020

Beer Friday. Parallel 49 Brewing. Flatlander

I would be lying if I said I really was looking forward to doing this tonight. A day spent at home and then off to see a true hero who is working on my bike as the Moots is in great need of a rebuilt drivetrain yet again. The decision has been made to lose the front derailleur and go 1x9 or possibly 1x11. Thinking of how I ride and am in no way, shape or form caring about the extra two gears I think going 1x9 will be the way to go.

Any of the interns have anything to say about this?

*scans room, all eyes on floor, hands in pockets, employees and interns sadly look defeated.


So yes, a beer review tonight is not the way I want to spend the evening. It's not like I had a really hard day or anything, maybe it's just being in kind of a bleh mood. Now why am I in a bleh mood? I really have no excuse for this behaviour. I do blame it partly on not riding today, even the shitty rides seem too brighten up ones day. If it were not for this beer I would be sitting upstairs watching Office re-runs with the wife. You know. Friday night aka Killer night.

Parallel 49 is in Vancouver, British Columbia. A place where hockey riots and good riding exist. What more could you want when your famished from rioting or riding your bike than a great craft beer?

Parallel 49's Flatlander looks intriguing. From the simple barn and windmill cover to the cork top opener we were quite intrigued with the look and feel of the bottle. The Flatlander is a part of their cork and cage series. The website calls it a mixed-culture sour saison whatever the fuck that means. Spiced with lemon and black pepper the anticipation for the first sip was quite high.

Let's pour shall we.

The pour gave us a dirty golden beer with a small one and a half fingered head which didn't stick around long. Some lacing did stay on top of the beer and clung to the sides of the glass as part of a sexy effect. How does this one taste though? I'm sure you are all on the edge of your seats waiting to hear.

Hold on, lets try this...

A very earthy bread-like tone to this one for the sniff test. The first sip was honestly an incredible amount of flavour for one taste. Lets try another, again, this was a flavour orgasm.

lemon and pepper just like the website said were the dominant traits in this one. Upon further tastes I am getting a slight hint of mandarin orange. I did google 'saison' and as a self proclaimed beer tasting review professional I am not happy with the results as it pertains to my ego. Their description of it being called a "mixed-culture sour saison" could not be any more perfect. If you find this get it. It's a delicious treat for a Friday night. More sips were had and the carbonation combined with the flavours make this one a true winner.

This beer gets 4.5 suds out of 5.

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