Friday, June 19, 2020

Beer Friday. Steamworks Brewery Pale Ale

Another second Friday has come upon us and it is tine to review Steamworks Pale ale from Steamworks brewery located in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Kids. I have to admit something. I am full on in dead tired mode as I just came off another set of nights. This is that kind of tired that makes you wonder if death is around the corner. This is the kind of tired that won't let you sleep. Naps were attempted but they were all fails.

What is it I need?

It is beer children. It is beer indeed.

Well even that is not a guarantee of waking myself up. .Whoops.. I mean putting me to sleep. See that? I cannot even formulate proper sentences. Well not like that isn't anything new I'm just saying this is rough.

So we poured early and an absolute  beaut of a beer filled the tester glass with a golden crisp looking glass of awesome. An almost perfect three and a quartered fingered head crowned this beer King for the night. A quick sniff and well let me tell you something. I am some plugged up. An early Summer allergy surprise? I did get in a second sniff and it was quite pleasant with scents of hoppyness.. Wait. Hoppyness? I'm not sure if that is an actual word.

After a few sips this one was deemed delicious. It has a slight hoppy tone to it that doesn't stick out nor does it hide itself. This one is sweet but not too sweet. Like that Wisconsin lady you saw hanging out by the local Target. The citrus taste is just enough to make this quite refreshing and I think this one could be the best of the year so far.

Find this!

This beer gets 4.5 suds out of 5.

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