Monday, June 22, 2020

Jeeperz is Still Half Empty

A sad tale of how days off is going, I left work Thursday morning after quite a stressful week with the Jeep a bit more than half empty on gas. When I left for my ride this afternoon the Jeep was about the same on the gas gauge.

In short, I'm over the hump on days off and I never left the house. Fuck you night shift.

Well nights is a strange beauty to those that work it. It's pure Jekyll and Hyde. Can be a joy to be on sometimes. When it ends and you have to switch back. Well that's what I call 'the dark hours.' For me it's a horrible feeling of being dead to the world tired but there is no way you can sleep. A weird phenomenon maybe only in the Lonebiker world perhaps? Not much of this gets discussed at work.

In the end. I love working nights. The battle back to days is rough.

Oh well.... Enough about me...

Seriously guys... the raging narcissism on here at times. Like really!

The ride? Why is it worth posting? I think I got to about 11 kilometres. Hold on, I'll check Strava. 11.7. Wow. Fancy that... So far on days off I rode 11.7 kilometres on my bike in generally nice weather. Well fuck me! Look out Beaumont! Here comes the next Laurent Fignon!

Bah.. Who am I kidding. A ride is a ride and is sacred. The little bit of singletrack I rode on was all prime so get out there kids. Although, I think you already know that...

In the end, I aborted the mission and rode up out to Saskatchewan drive and rode bike lanes back to the half empty gassed Jeep ironically on a less than half empty gassed rider.

is this cocaine that blew in from ft mcmurray? oh wait.. i forgot what year it is. 
with pcl behind this. it could be a while, in the end please respect the guys doing the construction

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