Saturday, July 4, 2020

Why You Gotta be like That July?

Not too hopeful on any sort of dry trail but I did set out with good intentions. A further investigation later which showed the higher trails and the ones maintained by the good people of the city were mostly good to go.

I did have that feeling but planned on riding GoldDigger as I pulled into Capilano park to a very busy parking lot.

It was madness. I thought they opened the malls? Where are all these people coming from?

So onward to the trails...

I hit... Ahhh shit. What's that trail name again? Right above the parking lot? Logarithmic?

Come on damnit! Think!


Who cares. It will get renamed by some group anyways in a year or two. *see disclaimer.

Moonraker... It's Moonraker. Thank you Strava for that one. Moonraker was ridden and the signs of very heavy rain which happen every July were evident on the trails with fallen small tree limbs and tracing on the trails from running water. Yes, it was dry and good to ride other than the end where there is a section between the paved and the road where Golddigger starts. That section was pure crap. Picture below. Other had started going around the mudded out area creating new trail which I strongly disagree with. I'm sorry if this is you. My belief is mountain biking is a green hobby and the mantra of "leave no trace'" is thrown out the window because people cannot stay away from a trail and let it dry. This angers the inner hippie in me. There is absolutely no point of destroying vegetation because a section of trail is mudded out. Then there are the people who ride through the mud..

Soon I was on GoldDigger and had a feeling the low spots would be soup and they were. A hike a bike through and I soon found high ground. Yes. I walked through the mudded spots. A claim from some reading that it's just the same and you might be right. Is it best to just avoid the area altogether? I do remember an old IMBA rule about just riding through the middle

Well damn.. Someone send emails. This should be a good forum, podcast discussion.

After Golddigger I avoided Hustler knowing it would most likely be quite sloppy and rode up to the Science Park and went to the tracks and had no clue where to go. I soon found myself on the top of the ski hill and decided to join the hordes of people and ride back on the paved forlorn with July allergies giving me jelly legs.

Did I mention the mosquitoes? Bring spray or a flamethrower if you are heading out.

Also I hear the river is up and very fast (I never even looked today), so be careful out there kids.

oh dear god, the humanity! 
*disclaimer. need not be offended if you are the one responsible for renaming a trail after probably pouring your heart and soul into a hard weekend of work while douchetards like myself come ride it and complain about everything on their precious 'blog.' You worked on the trail you have full renaming rights and when you see me ride by on my precious Moots with the small wheels please yell "Hey Lonebiker! Go fuck a donkey you fat gorilla!" or something along those lines. That would probably make my day although I probably won't hear you as I am so low on the douche ladder that I wear headphones when I ride.

Goodnight kids. Love you.

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