Wednesday, September 2, 2020

The Y.E.G

Definitely not great. A ride on the streets  when I could have been riding trails but I gave zero shits about that aspect of riding today.

Not sure why. Maybe with work looming I was in kind of a shite mood.

I forgot to hit record on the strava for this one but the southside high school parking lot took me out again. Strathcona High is the school and north was the direction I was heading, I crossed the high level on the east side which is kind of rare as most crossings are on the west (I know, you give zero shits on my High Level crossings, it was just a boring ride and I need to fill it in with pointless drivel.)

So anyways.... Nah. This was kind of a crappy one. No inspiration for this ride whatsoever. Hey, we all have crappy rides. So the question is.... Do I put this high on the top five worst rides of 2020?

I rode downtown from the Whyte area and back featuring a staggering east and west side ride river crossing on the High Level!

It was madness...

Fort Icekatchewan

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