Sunday, November 22, 2020

A Boy and His Coyotes

Finally, after a long delay in rides the fat bike was taken out on it's official 2020-2021 Winter maiden voyage. It was a short roll from Mill Creek's outer core to a Blue Man Group climb out where I found myself on Dirty Mattress and discovered yet again that people do not ride this in the Winter.

The trail was extremely messy and pocket marked with footsteps galore. Signs of previous riders were there by the obvious signs of a skid out as the trail was quite loose and shitty and hard to stay on. The short climbs were not rideable and I had to walk up. The second coyote of the night was spotted in the area after seeing one at the start of the ride in Mill Creek.

Both the coyotes kept their distance but the Dirty Mattress one trailed me for a little bit, I'm sure hoping  I would suddenly die as he would have a meal, or better for me I tossed some food his way. It was a cool thing to see. I hit Old Timers after and looped back home as my lights do not hold a charge for very long. 

The high side of Mill Creek singletrack took me back and another coyote crossed my path. After seeing the third coyote, objects in the shadows started to move and I was seeing things for the rest of the short 11 km ride. 

Near the end of the ride coyote number 4 was spotted yet I'm pretty sure it was number one showing himself again but we don't have to tell people that do we? He was the biggest and most impressive one of the night and I named him Simba Jr.

I made it back and inspired to ride some more although with my schedule things kinda look bleak. Unless I dig hard. 


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