Sunday, January 17, 2021

Beer Friday. Stone Brewing, Enter Night.

A scary looking can that has been staring at me in the den for the last few months, or maybe even longer. We are writing this right in the middle of the Bucs, Saints game which is tied at 20 so things may be interrupted at times. Whoop.. 23-20 Tampa. See? 

Stone Brewing who are located in Escondido (did I spell that right?) California. Which is located close to San Diego started operations in nineteen ninety six I believe. 

Guys... I'll be honest. I have nothing to say here about this. There is football on and I have my obligation to this here blog.. Whoop! 30-20 Tampa. Damn...

"Do we just go straight to the pour now?" I yelled back into the testing center, clutching my laptop, hoping for no answer. All is quiet.. 

I tell you what. After the game. let's pour!

This game is done. This pour was mimicking the Saints offence today by not doing what it was supposed to and shitting all over the place. Yes, the can opened and immediately a ton of beer spilled out as though this was shaken by a psychotic beer hating nazi intern (and we fired all those interns in the great LB cleanse of 2014.) 

Metallica fans would love this as Stone brewing and Metallica got together to make this one for the fans. The artwork and the name does have some Metallica -esque ties  which did make me look it up and when I found this out I was pleasantly surprised. 

Yes the pour was a disaster. The kitchen does smell of beer now and now the test is likely ruined as this one seems to have issues. Yet a quick sip proved otherwise. 

Smells of a well balanced hopped pilsner with citrus like qualities that when first sipped we wondered. Is this really a pilsner?
As I sipped this one I finally threw Metallica's 'Enter Sandman' on the youtube player in the background to try and get a better feel for this. 

No, this song does not suit this beer. Pilsners are happy, sunshine and lollipops beers. Enter Sandman is about fear of sleep, and death. Any other Metallica lyric surely can't be that cheery. hence a dark brooding beer should have been the one made. Am I right? Seriously kids... These breweries do have meetings with smart people don't they? 

Really, in the end. Not a huge deal. If I was brewing a beer for a band I would do it to more the bands style.  All that being said. This is one hell of a pilsner. A very flavourful one that fills your mouth with an off the wall mouthfeel. The hops, the grains, the malt, the yeast. This one was all put together by perfection. The only mystery? Why did it explode when we opened it? 

This beer gets 4.5 suds out of 5. 

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