Friday, February 26, 2021

Beer Friday. Collective Arts Brewing, Saint of Circumstances

 Friday has come again you hosers so we are bringing you a delectable looking craft from Collective Arts brewing who have some pretty cool artwork on their cans. Located in Canada's center of the world and also in Hamilton with an apparent location opening up in Brooklyn. Oh my God. They are so cool!

Collective Arts has been on here in the past and I distinctly remember the can. Today's can was the feature of many failed photo attempts as I tried to get the full effect of the astronaut and jelly fish but could not pull it off. Well kids. I am lying. I didn't try one bit. I just threw the can on the table and took a pic. I'm tired as hell and don't feel like taking photos ok. A cool thing about this brewery is if you are an artist you can submit your art to them and it will be featured on a can.

We poured this Blonde ale into our Seahawks tester mug in some sort of weird hope it will bring the Seahawks some good luck as some ugly trade rumours are circling around. It poured a very light looking beer that had a two and one pinky head that lasted for a short time until spreading itself out to the sides of the glass. A slight citrus smell with some sort of melon was detected. 

The first sip was taken at precisely 8:21in the PM, mountain standard time. It was a nice light easy beer that certainly didn't match the current start of days off mood. A lemon is the most powerful taste you can get out of this. Like I said, it's pleasant with no bitter hops although the lemon taste can be a bit bitter on the back end.  Grapefruit peel, dried grass and honeydew seem to round this one out. Its fine, some would say a tad watered down.

This beer gets 3 suds out of 5. 

*terribly sorry for the short write up, were a bit tired over here. 

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