Sunday, February 28, 2021

Wake Up

 Was it two thirty in the afternoon when I finally woke up and got out of bed? It was close to that time and thinking back when I was up earlier in the late morning I woke up and felt like absolute death. Hence a two thirty in that afternoon wake up was happening. 

I love recovering from nights. It's been a long time now working this shift and I still do not have a proper reset to days routine. Luckily I ride bikes and they take away the shitty feels one gets from this crap feeling. 

I started at the top of End of the World and descended into the darkening valley as the sun was setting by the time I arrived. The singletrack trails took me down behind the horse stables and my mind was swept away with the awesome calm feels of the trees, the light falling snow and a fun as hell bike. I forgot I had no front brake though and slid down the trail on the steeps with my manhood precariously placed on my top tube as I slid off the trail waiting for the ensuing pain but it never came. Instead I fell into the fresh snow. The same fresh snow that some bunnies probably had sex in and frolicked prior to my arrival. I really thought bad things were going to happen to my boys, instead it was kind of a pussified end and that is fine. 

The decision was made to avoid Karenville (Laurier) and keep heading west to the Oliskew area. where I rode the upper paved Fort Edmonton trails to cross the river sneering at the thought of riding Selkirk Knights as it would be a real hard as fuck move. A very badass move in fact  which I avoided as no front brake there is really quite a stupid move. But still... How badass would that have been eh? 

Instead I ended up on Flat Pete. 

I crossed the Fort Edmonton bridge and stayed on the paved and found the trail. Ugh.. Hold on yet again. I gotta look this one up. The Oliskew Meadow trail that took me around where I found Logarythmic (I don't care if I spelled that right, stop sending angry emails.) 

The whole Logarythmic and Flat Pete trail system was taken back in the creepy darkness and was the definite highlight of the last eleven days. There were fresh fat bike tracks ahead of me and I was wondering if I would catch up to anyone. Those tracks avoided the dip at the end and I was sad for that person. That is one of the best parts of the trail. Why are people avoiding it and going around? 

I crossed the river again making the Fort Edmonton footbridge the only river crossing I used tonight and rode the lower Fort Edmonton multi use back to the paved where I stayed on it and rode up and out of the valley finishing a pretty top notch ride. 

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