Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Bailout at Grandmas

What will probably be the last ride for the set was a short one from Capilano park through Risky Business, Andres... until I found the magnificent little blue bridge where I crossed and I rode the singletrack in Kinniard, Dawson. 

Signs of impending doom for the 2020-2021 fat biking season was out in droves today as any sun exposed trails were getting quite beat up. The ones I rode on were still rideable but will be pure slop soon, the usual people will keep riding them but if you are any sort of decent human you will stay away and let them dry out. 

A short lived attempt to find the entrance in the looming darkness to Snake Back to ride.. Well hike a bike to the top and ride down my new found little connector was shut down when I thought of having to push the bike up a lot of the sections. I took Low Class where I hooked up with the multi use that runs along the river. 

It was wet and quite gross.

I planned on riding the top of the valley and dropping into Rundle to extend my range with a very possible return on Gold Digger which would have made the ending quite great. Instead, still wet from the multi use and quite tired I bailed out and returned home. 

Chafe Chaser. Lung Puncher

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