Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Short and Spectacular

This may be the one that signals the shaving of the playoff beard. A real winner of a ride with Kent to kick off days off. 

Days off that were supposed to start two days ago but due to unfortunate circumstances I had to work a full week. Well... Except I left early to go for a bike ride cause Momma didn't raise no fool. 

It was Cameron Heights that kicked it off and I took paved and multi use to meet him in Terwillegar where the ugly statues reside. From there we backtracked my route only on singletrack that is sooooo close to being 100% ready. All the usuals were ridden up into the hills where we found Go Trail eventually. 

Things are opening up and Good Lord it's early. 

That being said there are still patches of shit leftover but very minimal so if you come across any please do the right thing. We would hate to dispatch the Lonebiker thugs out your way to give you a little bit of some rough business if you know what I mean. 

We crossed the Henday and rode Coyote and Bottle Rocket which were all in good condition. Bottle Rocket is insane fun and I was reminded that I should come out this way more.

it's an unwritten rule if you park here to ride paved you don't enter, you go up the road....

this is where you start kids, ebikes and segways start at the fence

*Photo credit, Kent Steeves #1 & 3

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