Sunday, April 25, 2021

Unicorn Socks for the Altitude

The Rocky Mountain made its 2021 debut on some East side trails so I donned the classic unicorn socks for a roll through Hustler and Gold Digger making my way westward. It was an absolute beaut of a day which sadly brought out what seemed like the entire city to the trail network which I find a tad infuriating. 

I mean guys... The crowds! 

Oh what am I doing, you all go down there. You know. 

Luckily, well somewhat luckily most don't lurk on the singletrack but the singletrack traffic is up considerably with bikers and walkers and the odd trail runner. Yes I am coming off as an elitist douche a bit for not enjoying all the company down there, it's just I simply don't enjoy all the people down there. A side to the pandemic that I would have never thought of to happen. To be clear I am nice to them despite being annoyed as you have to pass by some people every 20 feet or so.

The trails are fine for the most part. There are the usual problem spots on Gold Digger and Andre's trail. Some sections should not be ridden and in the time I took the bottom pictures people were coming and rolling through. Some had on club jerseys from a certain popular shop and you would think they would know better, but nope. 

I don't know why, maybe getting older is making me more crazy because that shit drives me insane. I see myself in my sixties hanging out with a cane in those areas ready to whip people and yell at for riding through mud. I'll be camped out on a little stool smoking some sort of pipe patiently waiting just like that old psychotic white man sits in his open garage so he can yell at you for letting your dog walk on his lawn.

A real top notch ride which makes two in a row. Cool weather was here again but it was nothing like last Friday and I was down to a t-shirt and shorts by the end, although the bridge crossings were rough. A weird case of the jitters was my only complaint which never materialized into a full fledged bonk. 

Lots of hard climbs were conquered today which inflated the ego quite a bit. Oh don't you worry, that will all come crashing down on the next shit ride dramatically so let me stew in this high ego mountain bike moment. 

I made Dawson bridge my turn around point after the north river singletrack had my full attention. The ride ended on Hustler which ended me. Those endless power climbs were the death of me on another awesome rip through the valley. 

And welcome back Altitude. Again, for yet another season.

the best of times are usually spent here

mud damage on golddigger

mud damage on andre's

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