Saturday, April 24, 2021

Beer Friday. Collective Arts Brewing, Life in the Clouds

 Collective Arts have been on here for a few of these. Yes, the brewery with the cool cans where artists can submit their work to be chosen to be placed on a can. That's how that works right? Oh shit, well here comes some Google searches.. 

Well yes.. That's how that works. They pay the artists as well and the piece of art belongs to the artist unlike what some douchy corporation would do and buy the artist, somehow bankrupt the artist and then take over all his possessions right after they have a satanic ritual and drink the blood of a virgin midget. Cause corporations.

Whoa.. I'm getting into some deep dark Q anloon shit right here. Is that what Q amron is? Don't world leaders and corporate executives do this on weekends? Is that what Trump did? Did he eat kids? Or is that the other one.. Biden?

Meh... I mean come on.. 

Enough of this weirdness, lets pour!

We poured this New England IPA into our trusty Park Tools mug and got right down to business. Very pleasant smells emanated from the can as it was being poured. Once ready I settled in for a good sniff and was rewarded with fruits and honey, I keep thinking starfruit for some reason but will go with pineapple just to be safe. A short and determined one fingered head lingered for a bit and now sits a cloudy layered top, like Cirrus clouds on a beauty of a July day. 

This one was top notch right out of the can, we sipped and knew we would be happy and guess what?

We were.

Wow.. You see that shit? That's some creative writing right there. I bet you held your breath when that ended and you had to look down. The sips were rewarding at first, this was a fruity blend of citrus with grapefruit but the strong tastes of pineapple, starfruit (yes, I said starfruit again.) and some sort of melon. The citrus does hit you more at the end as you get a bit of some IPA love via a bitter aftertaste. You know, like a true IPA should be. 

This beer gets 4 suds out of 5. 

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