Sunday, May 9, 2021

A Rather Humdrum Paved Experience

This has not been a decent set off kids. Not going to lie. Lot's of things keep getting in the way of the bikes and that is not a good thing, in fact an emergency meeting is being held tonight with Lonebiker executives to discuss how we could turn this week around. With only three more days left quick action must be made to help right things or I will be stuck on nights wondering why I didn't ride my bike on days off. 

With last nights ride being cancelled due to family things and knowing I missed a guaranteed amaze ride in the rain which resulted in my pouting heavily in front of my family. With the rain yesterday I stayed off the trails and parked at the baseball diamonds at John Fry park and headed north. 

I was going to stay clear of the river valley given that it is Mothers day and sunny and we are in the third wave of a pandemic and the health experts are telling people to just go outside... Ugh. Can they not just go walk around a mall like they use to?

Are boring bike lanes better than clueless knuckle draggers getting in the way and bumping into each other in the river valley? Yes, they are so much better. 

The highlight of the day was seeing a 40 year old Mom riding a skateboard with her husband and daughter by her side. We made eye contact and I could feel the embarrassment in her face. The moment passed and I pushed my way to Saskatchewan drive where I rambled aimlessly with no direction. I soon had a plan and backtracked towards Mill Creek but stayed out of the ravine cause you know... Stinky people. 

The 91st street bike lane took me back and I wondered what kind of psycho would want to hike here, two people on some sort of crazy drug soon appeared and my question was answered.

this right here is called getting out to get out

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