Monday, May 10, 2021

Bloom Time, Trail Time

Enjoy those fast zippy open sightlined trails for a bit longer kids. Things are starting to go green out there which means the blind corners will be back and with an over abundance of inexperienced people in the valleys thanks to the current bullshit going on in the world it might be a bit troublesome. 

It was Fort Saskatchewan today and I was forced to start at the boat launch. An area I do not like starting rides from one bit as I am used to tradition and starting by the tennis courts has always been a Fort Saskatchewan staple. Once I noticed people starting at the boat launch and primarily riding the west singletrack only, the boat launch was ruined fully for me. Does that trail have a name? Hold on...

Well it's just Hidden Gold West and I feel I knew that. That is what a lot of people primarily ride nowdays which I don't understand. I did the east out and back first and coming off the last ride out here there is quite a bit of trail damage with areas sinking into the river. These trails are all still incredible and it sadly feels like they are now getting neglected. I did see some riders in the area today which made me happy.

I followed my tracks back and soon was in the popular area to ride in the FSK. Quite a bit more people on the other side as expected but it was not overly busy one bit. The Rocky Mountain Altitude is old as shit but is still fun as hell to ride and those trails never disappoint. 

If your wondering, dry trails, no mud. There is potential for that changing tomorrow though. 

a new crossing henday bridge style. nice!

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