Saturday, May 22, 2021

Beer Friday. Sea Change Brewery, Farrow Turbo Stout.

 How about that... I just listened to a local Edmonton podcast to try and get some local content in at work on nights when I downloaded the Edmonton as Fuck podcast which featured the guy who started Farrow sandwiches. It was a good interview, in fact it enticed me to send a text to Mrs Lonebiker saying we should go check this place out once glorious days off start. 

I haven't been there yet. Sorry. I've been sleeping. 

I picked these up the other day not realizing that Farrow sandwiches has their name on this stout and I mumbled to myself 'small world' when I was doing some research on the Googlenerator (<would you believe that made up word didn't get a spell check notice?)  

Sea Change, a local Beaumont brewery has been on here several times for obvious reasons and always does well. Their original location is in Edmonton in the old Thunderdome district.. You have to live here for a long time to understand that reference. Terribly sorry if we lost you. The pour is coming up, so stay a little bit would ya? 

This one poured a hot sexy evil looking black, like what I imagine a welders soul looks like. A large head was formed and I reached for my mic to have the beer pourer fired when I remembered 'Stout' and had a change of heart. Are stouts naturally more apt to have large heads? In my experience I remember them being that way and well kids. That's all the proof I need. The lacing hugged the glass in a seductive way as this one was downed. 

Smells of cocoa, dark chocolate and fresh sweet pastry. Yes I said sweet, a word that doesn't flow well with the rest of this dark beer but that's what I got. Tastes of dark coffee from a very dark bean with dark chocolate and cocoa surround you with a pastry taste that I can't quite put my finger on It as is very delicious as this one hits you right in the face with a flavour sandwich. From reading on the interwebs it has a donut flavour which is why I could not discern too well.

A delicious stout that goes down good even on a beautiful May day. Most dark beers are best enjoyed on cold nights so the rumour goes. Not this one. It's too good.

Come out to Beaumont and get a 4 pack but you better hurry it didn't last long last time they had these out. 

This beer gets 4.5 suds out of 5.

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