Sunday, May 23, 2021

The Walk of Shame

This week which I dubbed 'Dark Week' usually starts turning around slowly by now. Yes I am referring to the night recovery which usually beats my ass once a month for three or four days or sometimes a whole week. In the span of this week I am usually quite in a pissy mood and riding is what helps get rid of the shit feeling bringing me back to life slowly with each pedal stroke. 

Getting out for the first ride is usually quite the effort and today was no different. By the time I arrived at Fort Edmonton it was close to 5:30. I decided to ride the Oliskew singletrack after observing the amount of vehicles parked in the parking lot. "I thought there was an Oiler playoff game"I murmured to myself wishing humanity would settle down about going outside in these covid times but they won't.

I hit Flat Pete and was happy to see not too many people in the way. It was quite busy but the passing was spaced out quite well with no walkers, everyone was riding which was great.

The trails down there are great and comparable to Fort Saskatchewan. Yes, Fort Saskatchewan is better but aerobically they are both quite easy. The roll through Oliskew was quite fun and I was ready to head up into the hills of Terwillegar when I started to cross the bridge and had a flat tire. 

In boy scouts they teach kids to always be prepared to go outdoors. 

I was never a boy scout.

I wasn't that unprepared I was just lacking an extra tube. I sat for ten minutes trying to locate the hole to make a repair and eventually got quite frustrated and started walking back. 

The walk back primarily on BDSM had me hating society and the pandemic as it was a frustrating walk amongst the knuckledraggers  getting in the way and bumping into each other trying to find another Edmonton secret beach. 

I walked the bike from the Terwillegar footbridge to Fort Edmonton parking lot.

Worst ride of this 2021 kids. 


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