Saturday, June 19, 2021

Beer Friday. Apex Predator Brewing, Double IPA


Rolling into another end of Saturday on the laziest of days off and we found Apex Predator brewing's Double IPA. Apex Predator hails from the depths of Yellowhead county here in Alberta, and from what I gathered out in the middle of the woods. No they ain't no pussy bitch ass brewery located in the middle of some city next to a park. You gotta think about bears and wolves attacking you when heading to this brewery to pick up a pint. Not "did I pay for my parking" thoughts as you walk to the brewery like some punk. 

Well... that is all speculation. The website has no pics and doing some Google image searches show the brewery appears to be out in the woods. Oh wait... How about I just search the address! A genius idea. 

Yes they are out in the woods, close to the town of Edson aka the bathroom stop on the way to or from Jasper, Hinton to all us douchebags who live in the Edmonton region.

As far as a riding update this week things will be very slow again. Night recovery and a very busy week off will result in low mileage, if any at all.. There are the chances of sporadic rides happening which is where my hope clings to. 

To those kind folks who look forward to the ride posts. I'm terribly sorry. 

A strong smell of hops greeted me when we opened this to pour into the tester mug showing it's double IPA prowess. It poured a classic dirty golden colour again showing the world it is an IPA. A strong two fingered head muscled it's way down to lacing that clung to the sides with a slight top layer which looked like it could hang around for days. 

Fresh buns just like my Grandma used to make with grapefruit seem to be what I take away from this. There is a bitterness that is masked yet it is still there. Could it be hidden behind the amazing tastes that this double IPA throw at you? A myriad of citrus flavours plus pineapple with grapefruit being the most dominant. I think I had two out of body experiences downing this one. Was it that good or am I bitch smack tired? 

This one is smashing. Fuck yes Apex Predator Brewing. 

This beer gets 5 suds out of 5. 

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