Thursday, July 1, 2021

The Return of the DSLR (and an Update)

 Yes we are back to a decent camera again. A Canon Rebel T7 was purchased for much needed photographs as a certain member of the Lonebiker clan was graduating, no I wasn't using an iPhone for my own flesh and bloods big day. The very thought of that makes me kinda want to throw up in my mouth. 

I went from a Canon 60D to this which is a bit of a slide downwards but I don't care one bit. The little time I had with it was magical and I am quite ecstatic about my photo future providing this 11 year old Mac computer holds out.  

The T7 is the bottom of the line for Canon DSLR's but still... It's an SLR. So maybe you will see an improvement in the coming photos. Or maybe you won't. The high point is the narcissistic self timed photos will soon reappear *high fives ego.  

Despite it being July now I do hope to get some rides in. Today was a write off as I am recovering from a week outside at a mine and I am feeling a bit cooked still. We do have the issue of having to find Lonebiker Jr a ride which is paramount above everything else. So please don't pick on the interns again. 

We are in the middle of a serious heat wave over here (or does that end tomorrow?) which could also jeopardize things as you may or not  know. I don't like riding in extreme heat.

For sure a beer review will happen. I can damn well guarantee it. 

Happy Canada Day kids. 

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