Saturday, September 11, 2021

An Evening Stroll

A short and quick roll through the valley on a ride that should not have been. Yes I am once again blaming the nightshift recovery but it is real and it is a bitch. I did win today as most of the times I feel like this I don't even bother heading out, or else I drive all the way out to a trailhead and then turn around. 

Both instances are very lame and do happen quite regularly, yes I blame my job. 

I intended to park at Old Timers but a wedding was taking place so I kept going down the hill and found the Edmonton Queen parking lot for a first time ride start. I knew I didn't have much in the gas tank and intended to ride the local trails and then head into my beloved MillCreek.

It was Old Timers and then Gnome trail and soon Kinsemans Canada Cup. It looked like it had rained quite a bit and I did have a bit of trepidation on riding the trails but took a chance and they were fine. The trails felt amazing although my legs had very little to give and I found the pavement and crossed the river on the mighty Menzies. 

The north side of the river took me back and I crossed back on the Low Level and hit Mill Creek. It was the paved at first and I soon ducked into the trees and rode the multi use back.

It was short and uneventful but the feelings of a fine bike out in the trees?


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