Sunday, November 7, 2021

Fort Saskatchewan Baby

A Sunday ride away from the couch and football in Fort Saskatchewan in November is a pretty great way to spend some time on a Sunday. It did take some coaxing from Mrs Lonebiker to get off the couch as she saw me on a very slippery slope of severe lethargy.

Yes I know I came off nights but lethargy isn't cool. Maybe a day or so one can be a piece of shit but when it runs into the weekend and eventually passes the weekend that is big trouble.

I flirted with the idea of parking at Turner Park but didn't trust the bridge construction and took the boat launch instead. The Fort Saskatchewan crews have tried to completely block off the boat launch area at the river from vehicles and trail traffic from what it looks like. I am not sure what the motivation behind this is but the lower singletrack still connects at the bottom and that is all that matters.

The trails are all prime right now and maybe a bit too dry but I am not complaining. The bike whipped through the trails and kept me on my toes. With no crews working a ride through the bridge site can happen and it did where I visited Turner park for a little bit and got bored and dropped back into the good stuff to make my return. 

I crossed the boat launch and took the second section and found some new trails. I don't remember the other names but do remember one being called Pedal Beach. "Sweet"! I roared and pointed the Moots on what I would be sure was destination Fuck Ya!

I appreciate new trails and all but this and the other I rode do not come close to being as good as the original trails. Yes it would be hard to top those original trails and I sure do appreciate the work people put into them. They were kinda cool as they followed the river and even had a cool beach on Pedal Beach. Can you imagine the crowds once the hipster, millennials find out? 

Hot damn...

i swear someone fucked with this a little and made it easier. chumps


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