Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Science Park Short

Don't think I got over the Lonebiker minimum 8kms to call it an actual ride... gasp! (but I got pictures.)

So here we are. It was almost a ride that didn't happen but I pushed through to get there. The Science Park does not have a history of awesome rides as I always thought it lacked decent trails. Some people out there love it and think it is the best in the city. So I rode more open minded today and did see the appeal a bit.

The main issue for me always has been lack of flow and I did deal with that today, or trails that twist and turn with a proper purpose than suddenly its an insane forty foot climb that juts out of nowhere or other trails that lead nowhere. I do understand if you spent some time there you could make it work fine and after today's little experience maybe I will. 

I did a loop around the whole thing and enjoyed the descent by the highway in the dark. The area is a tad greasy so I was a bit on edge as I rolled through the dark trails hoping I was all alone.

Chafe Chaser. Lung Puncher

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