Thursday, December 16, 2021

Destination Tawatinâ

The Tawatinã bridge opened not too long ago which was the inspiration for todays ride in the cold crisp valley. 

It's been a long time since a ride took place and damnit Kids I knew today was high priority. It was an old school Mill Creek beginning with only one thing in mind. 'Just ride to that damn bridge and back.' Hearing the weather reports prior to leaving I had a feeling I might not make it but once I was rolling I warmed up quite nicely. 

Lots of fresh now greeted me making the river valley a Winter wonderland that the old tires on the 907 still handled quite well. With new 4" wide tires as opposed to my 5" will be making their way onto the bike soon. 

The last ride across the old Cloverdale footbridge happened the last day it was open and I was hoping to get the first day the new one opened but you know... work. The link to the last crossing post in July of twenty-sixteen.

I should just quit and ride bikes right?

It was a gloomy snowy grey day but once I approached Tawatinã I got quite excited thinking of all the old connectors which are now back. It's been five years and I forgot about all the connections from Mill Creek which is one of the best things about this bridge. 

I forgot to mention it is quite well put together and looks incredible. It will be the new Instagram Edmonton mega star. Move over Walterdale.. Wait, who am I kidding. Millenials have not stopped losing their minds over the Walterdale. 

For the out of town folks this is a train bridge for light rail transport on top which is not open yet. When does it open you ask? They are guessing next summer but there have been a myriad of issues and this is a project run by the city which isn't the most efficient at running major projects so who really knows. 

Who cares, you can ride bikes across!

The area looks like it will be well stocked with plants and trees. It's a shame the former fire pit park is gone at Henrietta Muir Edwards... Oh who am I kidding. It was a shithole and am glad it's gone. The bridge has a paved crossing with wooden planked sides much akin to the new Walterdale (settle down millennials) which could be a possible shout out to the former wood bridge that stood in this spot. Local native art work is on the roof above  which is a nice addition. 

The ride back had some euphoric snow riding winter moments which was pretty great. 

The connectors are all back thanks to the classy Tawatinã and that's all that matters.


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