Sunday, January 16, 2022

Capilano and Westward

Same start as Friday and I headed westward when I started rolling on my gloriously ridiculous big tires. The parking lot in Capilano is quite dense with loose warm gross snow and the fun of having a fat bike just there was enough to make me smile. I should have just stayed there the whole ride but you know... Trails.

So naturally I avoided the trails and rode up the paved all in an effort to warm up a bit better. The climb up gave me a sense of panic as per usual as the heart rate peaked, I swear this is how I am going down one day as I have some sort of massive heart issue climbing in the beginning of a ride. A small group of judgy Karens will find my lifeless body sprawled out over the trail, helmet ripped off and jacket half unzipped as I was trying to fight for my last breath.

Oh shit, this just got real dark didn't it?

Yes I rode paved till the Capilano bridge taking the big loop around. I crossed and found singletrack in a trip upwards on Low Class and Higher Education. Guys... I am talking about some real amazing and under hyped trails right in the middle of the valley. Seriously fun top notch trails to get you up the valley. yes, you can ride them the other way too but the climbs on these trails are too good and track well in the Winter too. I am sure going down is top notch too.

Snakeback took me down and the Dawson park trails took me past the beautiful Dawson bridge where I hummed and hawed about crossing but chose to head up to Tawatinâ instead. Once I arrived there the crowds from all the people checking out the new bridge almost made me divert to the Low level but I crossed slowly and retuned on Birdhouse Trail and up to mid Ewok via the Holy Trail. 

Mid Ewok was amazing and for the first time on the ride not one person was seen. It was busy but not covid busy making me a bit hopeful that people had discovered malls again and will stay away from the valley. 

I kept it low avoiding Andre's and all the fun up above as I was fearing heavy crowds. 

I entered the Capilano region again from riding Risky Business and getting quite annoyed at all the fat bike ruts. Sideline was the last of the fun and again... another underrated trail with some super fun sidehill riding action. You seriously cannot beat this for fun. 

A top notch ride.

more good from the opening of tawatinâ, ye old parking lot is open again

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