Wednesday, April 13, 2022

The Great Quarry Ride of Twenty-Two

The last ride of the week off and it was pretty top notch. A text from work had me almost call this off but things straightened out properly and it was off to the Science Park for a bit longer ride as per the usual. It was in the 30km range so not that special but the Lonebiker regular rides have been averaging 12-15 so I was happy when I saw the distance.

It was a cold day and I dressed for it but surprisingly I needed another layer up top. It is odd as -5 in January is balmy and -5 in April is just gross. Thankfully the wind was not much of a factor or that could have shortened the ride quite significantly. 

The valley was insanely quiet. Thank you cold weather, with that being said I did get charged by somebody's errant German Shepard in Edmonton's shittiest dog park. No leash of course and no control of the dog. The dog didn't charge with fury, it was more of an excited hop right towards me and I had to make an emergency hard left and promptly gave the owner some good old fashioned older white guy stink eye.

I am sure the dog owner is still trembling as I write this. 

The paved trails were all great the whole out and back. A coffee break was had at the quarry end on top of the stairs and I route mapped it to Fort Saskatchewan from there thinking 'one day, maybe.' 

The ride back had the wind at my back. From what I thought was little wind sure made a noticeable difference and I wondered if this is what it was like to ride an e-bike.


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