Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Wet Spins

An end to the days off set wet roll through bike lanes and river valley. 

Yes it is the last day and I am still a bag of shit primarily because I woke up incredibly early this morning to shock my senses into getting used to daytime life again, hence the fatigue only to find out I am heading out of town tomorrow and will most likely be on nights again. 

No GPS recorded this so did it happen? 

Of course it did kids.

The ride started near the Ronald McDonald house and I bike lane it around the area and soon found Saskatchewan drive where I dropped in eventually and took the paved alongside Gnome and West Coast trails knowing they would be too wet *pushes away from computer, awaits a pat on the back. 

I rode Mill Creek to Whyte and bike laned it back to the Jeep. A very uneventful ride but it was still quite great. Some moments of outdoor euphoria came out in the trees in the cold wet conditions. 

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