Monday, April 25, 2022


 Another shit night recovery week and I finally got out for a roll around town with a dip into the valley and this was the best moment so far on this week off. Aside from doing family things of course!

Yes, family things... 

The ride started at Mill Creek and I avoided the valley and rode streets and eventually ended up on Edmonton's 83 Ave infamous bike lane. Is it infamous? I really have no idea. I do know the car folks hate it with an upmost passionate fury.

Another roll through the university and I was soon heading downhill towards Groat bridge where a crossing happened and I took the paved trails to the Tawatinâ where I crossed and Mill Creeked it home.  A very uneventful ride and yes I avoided anything challenging as I felt old and decrepit the whole ride. 

This could be the one and only ride for this set off, tomorrow is a wash as adulting will sadly be the main focus. So fingers crossed for Wednesday. 

Sixtysix point Seventy-Four Kilometres

66.74 kms. Five rides.  Nope. not impressive at all for kms ridden but these would have been at zero with no rides if I was on night shift a...