Thursday, June 2, 2022

Woodpecker Sabre Rattling

Still concerned about riding limitations from being sick it was unanimously decided to ride in Fort Saskatchewan to kick off a fresh set of days off because in my mind Fort Saskatchewan is easier than fuck to ride. 

 I still parked at the boat launch with a hope that I would ride through finished bridge construction all the way to Turner park. In my fantasy I had visions of a marching band, some daytime fireworks (do those exist?) as I rode by the finished bridge as it seems like it has been forever since the area was passable. 

I left the parking lot with a faint hope that a group of mountain bikers would ride west as I wanted to go east to check out the bridge progress. I was concerned with my state of fitness and did not feel like getting passed or dealing with other riders.  I had high hopes that they would go the other way and those hopes came to fruition making me wonder...

Why does nobody ride the trails heading east from the parking lot? It seriously is kind of weird. 

Mind you... there are tracks and evidence of riders on the trail which oddly made me quite happy. I felt awkward and weird on the singletrack and my bike was all over the map. The trails were great though and satisfyingly I rode most with no issues and only a few foot downs were had. Although it was quite slow paced. 

I made it to the bridge and came across what looked like very little progress from my last visit, Yet I am not a bridge engineer so I don't know how these things go together, it just doesn't seem to be moving fast is all. Yes I could do the right thing and look up on the town's website to see how far along the bridge is from opening so I could tell the readers making this here bog informative. 

Sorry kids, that's what good blogs do. Just Google it if you want to find out. 

In true Lonebiker fashion in ride lulls I expended most of my energy in the first fifteen minutes and made my way back towards the boat launch with thoughts of cutting it off there at about the seven km mark but I couldn't. 

I pressed on towards the outer loop and had a quick coffee break at my favourite watering hole. Annoyed at the west section as some muffball had spray painted arrows all over the trail giving directions ruining the sanctity of the outdoors. yes, come at me kids but spray paint, ribbons and other bullshit do not belong on the trails. 

Easily the highlight of the day was spooking a Pileated Woodpecker out of a tree near the jump section. It flew over my head  the same way some Chinese fighter jets buzzed some of our Canadian navy ships recently. He must have been inches from my head and the downdraft from his wings was one of the coolest things ever. I smiled the entire ride back.

Nature folks. Its quite fucking awesome 

one day, one year we will cross mr moots
working on a new fence entering the west trails, posts are going all the way up with potential to cut off both access points to the trail, please no


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