Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Panic at the Lonebiker Blog

Ride lulls are not uncommon anymore. A break of up to three weeks is not uncommon in this new day and age of the Lonebiker, especially since I took a job working 85 hours in a week and switching from nights to days monthly. 

This time though, it was covid.

Todays Mill Creek start was a very slow paced ride on mostly paved in an effort to see if I could ride. It was either do yard work or ride my bike. Obviously the bike won and as I left I yelled "Get fucked you stupid lawn!" much to the confusion of my neighbours and the people picking up their children from school.

Like I said, slow paced. I tried thinking of all the newspaper headlines I saw in the last two and a half years yet I did not read one article about the effect covid has long term on the lungs. It was honestly quite gross today. The only challenge was riding out of mill creek up to the new pedestrian bridge crossing Connors road. 

Lots of phlegm coughed up and my nose dripped all over my top tube the whole ride. I guess now it would be a good time too let you know I am not contagious. So stop judging. 

In the end I was passed by about 10 different people. From old men on 80's bikes to middle aged women who all dropped me like I was going out of style. I yelled at each one "I am a recovering Covid patient! It was ground zero! I almost died! And now I'm riding! So good for you! Look who you passed Mr/Ms Big Shot!" 

Well I wanted to get that sentence out but in all the excitement and frustration all I got out was "I am A..." then immediately from all the phlegm I projectile vomited all over myself and my poor bike. 

Oh, but what a great ride it was. 

a very old school cut was ridden today for the first time in years

*some of the events may have been embellished in this post and many many many more if you happened to wonder. 

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