Friday, August 12, 2022

Beer Friday. 70 Acre Brew Co, Bossman Lager

 Well it's hot as hell outside and what goes well with hot as hell days? 

Beaches, biatches, patios and sunscreen…. Hold on a second, this isn't what I am talking about here.

I am talking about beer reviews! 

The patios are ok and such but there is nothing like a stretch of epic singletrack carving through the woods that puts a smile on my face. Although I am not a big fan of doing that in the heat it is still better than a lame patio and so much infinitely better than a beach. 

This is the last of the 70 Acre brew stash I had acquired quite a long time ago from Kent. I remember complaining non stop about the lack of a website but in one of the more recent reviews we discovered 70 Acre had changed their website meaning the fine folks with big brains that do not use social media have a place to check out the beers. It would bet great if they had pictures of the cans but we cannot ask for everything. 

I am pretty sure the beer description is the menu for the brew pub that they posted online. 

One day me and Mrs Lonebiker will have to check out this brewpub but the only issue is it's in Sherwood Park and we never head out that way unless it is for some sort of family event.

We poured this into our trusted Seahawks mug in a salute to the new season starting and it gave a nice golden coloured brew with a small half a fingered head that did not want to stick around for long. It had a malty smell to it with light traces of fruit.

We sipped and were surprised a little bit as it had a sweet fruity flavour with a malt aftertaste, well… at least that is what I was getting. It says it is a lager but I did not find it had that distinctive lager taste as the malt and fruit tastes kind of overrule everything. This seems like a very fitting beer for the hot days we are having so if you happen to see this try it out. 

This beer gets 4 suds out of 5. 

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