Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Legless on the West Side

 Legless and listless on a Tuesday in Terwillegar. I had nothing to give and surprisingly made it farther than I thought once I knew I was in trouble which was almost immediate. Normally I can ride out of a slump which is what I tried to no avail. 

From the parking lot of the mighty Fort Edmonton I made it as far as the entrance to Daves Trail? Is that the one? From there I turned back

Trail conditions are quite good right now other than the shitty dead blind summer sight lines.

The Flat Petes were a perfect order today as they usually require minimal effort. I mean that as there is no climbing whatsoever and with the twists and turns its hard to go fast. No I am not bragging about how hard as fuck I think I am. I was genuinely happy there were no hills and when faced with hills as I got into Terwillegar I turned back. That doesn't sound very hard as fuck now does it. 

I was fat, lethargic and lazy and blame this on summer but was it this? <link.


Toe Dabbing in the Fort SK

 A rather poor attempt at ruling the roost today in Fort Saskatchewan as I was off my game and misjudging rooty climbs followed by immediate...