Wednesday, August 3, 2022

2:30 PM

Another last ditch effort to go for something descent but sadly Mrs Lonebiker had other plans that required me to be home around 3. In classic Lonebiker fashion I didn't make it to the trails till late resulting in a panicked and rushed effort  which sadly ruined things. 

The start was by End of the World and I wanted to just stick close and ride the local trails. A local rain started but it was nothing that would ruin anything so I stayed on the trails. 

A climb up to Farmers Daughter where I could not find the entrance to Farmers Daughter resulting in me checking the time and seeing it was already 2:30 and this ride was over. I had to head home. 

A detour through the university area and me trying to give directions to a guy in a mini van was the low light in a definite low light type of ride. 


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