Sunday, September 25, 2022


 A local ride after a slothful day thanks in part to football being on. I stuck mainly to the Southside of town and rode paths until I was tired at the amount of Sunday evening walkers and would ride the street for a bit till I was tired of F-150's driving by and rode on the paths again.

Yesterdays ride broke a record for highest ascent yesterday on the GPS so I was a little sore today. The GPS is brand new by the way so I was not that special. I think it was around 400 meters.. Oh wait now I have to check to see if I am right. 

Meh… who cares. 

Beauty of a night out there kids. Night riding is coming very soon if not already. I did have the light on the bike just in case but was home way too early. 

It was a good way to kill forty minutes and kill those cobwebs. Here is hoping for a real ride tomorrow. 

Beer Friday.Dandy Brewing & Blindman Brewing, Together IPA

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