Monday, October 24, 2022

Dark Shadowy Roots

 A ride into the night in Fort Saskatchewan on a cool night with very light rain and from what the weather chumps called flurries. I didn't see any snow and the rain was non existent on the bike ride. It did rain on the way home.

I was the only soul that I knew of in the dark shadowy depths of the valley. I do say that with a menacing description but civilization is pretty much right next to you so the remoteness isn't much a factor yet it does feel somewhat remote. When I took out the headphones as a safety measure the quietness was almost overpowering. I stopped on the westside outer loop to hear absolutely nothing. it was beautiful.

As the title suggests the roots were a lot more prominent as opposed to running through in the day. They were almost menacing at times as my light would throw the rooty shadows up into the trail adding an eerie like feel to the ride 

The ride was quite great and almost did not happen A push to go from my inner being made me a happy little biker in the end. Oh yes much happier than spending the evening on the couch which is what my dumb brain wanted.

Beer Friday. 88 Brewing, Total Eclipse Black pilsner

 Ugh... this beer will be a sweet relief after a rather lame day all thanks to the annual Doctor's visit. After the Doctors I was on the...