Sunday, November 20, 2022

I'm Really not Serious About this Winter Bike Season Yet

I couldn't even sway away from my vehicle and kept about a three kilometre buffer from me and the Jeep in case I wanted to abort the ride immediately. This is worse than last year and I feel as I get older I will resent winter more and more each year. 

The temperatures are definitely not the issue. It was a nice warm day and thoughts of taking the top off the Jeep ran through my head quickly but were quickly dismissed as it was still well below my +20 degree take off zone.

The ride started in Kinseman where I immediately hit the singletrack along the river and the ride had high hopes. Very low energy though had bad thoughts running through my head and I knew what kind of ride it was shaping up to be so I crossed the Walterdale and backtracked down River Valley road where Victoria Park was beckoning for me to come in and explore. 

 I explored Victoria Park for a bit and got bored and made the scary decision to sway further from the Jeep and climbed up Victoria drive with the High Level on the radar for a cross back to the safety of a motorized device to take my lazy fat ass home.

Yes I passed my girl Victoria of the famed Victorias Secret and did not care one bit. 

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