Saturday, March 11, 2023

A Journey Next to Cloud Making Machines and Beyond

 The shit bike was absolutely horrid yet again. I started in Goldstick and had to ride about 400 yards of untracked snow until I found something decent with traction. The back end was all over the place combined with a well worn out drivetrain had it skipping as well. 

The ride was starting badly.

In the end though the ride was quite satisfying. Pretty sure it was because of the lack of riding that made it special cause this bike ride was not special in any way shape of form. I climbed out of Rundle after crossing the mighty Ainsworth Dyer and then climbed out into house-land where I criss crossed streets all the while not too sure where I wanted to end up.

I found the high side of the valley again and started to plan my return to the Jeep while trying to avoid that skittish start as it is also a gradual uphill which would make it quite a bit more hellish. I know I could have rode Hustler and wormed my way back to the Jeep somehow but that bike man… I barely trusted it on the mean streets of Beverly. Tight and twisty singletrack with short power climbs? No way.

So I wanted to ride up into the houses behind Capilano park and ended up taking the long way around and climbed up on the paved trail paralleling the cross country ski track. My big worry was the upcoming ride down Baseline coming out of Sherwood Park to get back to the Jeep parked at Goldstick as it seems like a very car only type of area and I wanted to dry off the streets.

 As you can see in the bottom picture. Boom! Success. Not a bad ride, just a bad bike. 

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