Sunday, March 12, 2023

The Plight of My Winter Riding Season

Another shit bike ride with this one being a lot more mundane and boring than yesterday. According to Instagram I am missing out on some amazing trail conditions as I spend my days clunking around on my white bike which I loathe. This season has been quite decent for the winter rides and it's a bloody shame I am missing out. 

I didn't stay long in Mill Creek where I parked at the Velodrome as the hordes of walkers gave me a gross feeling and I had to get out. 

Ugh… Sundays. Am I right?

What surprised me for how cold it felt and there were so many people. I have no idea on what the temperature was but it felt like about -15. I'll check the current temperature now to see how big of a pussy I am. 

Well how about that. It is now in the evening and it says -7.

It was colder in the ravine that I barely rode in ok… 

a now rare potty break photo

back alleys over roads any time of year

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