Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Beer Friday. Troubled Monk Brewing, Daycation Lager

 Well we are here and back with a new Loneibker beer review on a Tuesday that was supposed to have a super long ride posted today as well as a ride yesterday and possibly one more tomorrow on the fancy new gravel bike but things went downhill over here pretty fast since the last ride on Saturday with some over the top back pain resulting in barely being able to make it up the stairs. 

Officially the longest sentence in Lonebiker history. Ah yes, fun.

All signs point to the new bike as after previous rides I was quite sore but eventually things went away. Saturday evening was a killer for me it seems and by Monday I was completely out of commission. 

So for now there will be very little happening in the way of rides unfortunately.It is really quite frustrating as I had some pretty big plans with the new ride which would have improved this here blog, well at least I thought it would… 

Troubled Monk has been on here previously a couple of times in the past and come here with their Daycation Lager. This brewery is close to here from Red Deer which saddens me a little bit as I was looking into gravel rides in that area. 


Well let's pour! So we did and a beautiful golden beer found its way into my tester glass and for a while things were not so bleak. The one fingered head looked at me straight in the eyes and said 'cheer up kid, things won't be so bad.' 

And you know what? For that moment he was right. 

This one was real nice and refreshing for what I call a 'regular' beer. Yes don't throw stuff but lagers are the most prominent beers in the area or at least they have all been Bud, Kokanee, Molson, PBR… Craft beers have definitely infiltrated the market with tons of varieties and all I gotta say is thank you beer Jesus. 

A well balanced beer with a nice scent of.. well I really don't know what. Let me take another smell, hold on. I'll say to smells like a lager should. 

Oh man we are gonna get mail, Im an amateur beer reviewer people! 

Like I said this one is nice with very good mouthfeel and is much better than Bud and Molsons as there is no skunky taste which is what you get with them. 

This beer gets 4 suds out of 5. 

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