Saturday, May 6, 2023

Beer Friday. Wild Winds Brewing, Wind Warning NEIPA

From Beer Friday to Beer Friday we go…

 I had mentioned bad back pain on the last beer review and things had gotten a lot worse since and at times I had almost become immobile. Yes it is pretty fucked up and I feel like a real schmuck. I had blamed the new bike and now a doctor and two chiropractors confirmed it was that evil Polish black bike. 

Well fuck me, I had a feeling it might be evil.

In all seriousness the setup of the bike needs to be tweaked a bit but the more important issue is the lack of fitness on my side *types while hanging head in shame. My core is pretty shitty and I have to build that shit up if I want to keep riding bikes. Fingers are crossed on a Tuesday or Wednesday ride after Doctor approval, you know… for work. 

Wild Winds Brewing is located in Pincher Creek, Alberta where it is quite windy from what I heard and it was the reason why I picked up this beer. It's windy in Alberta right now combined with very hot and dry weather which means that my province is currently on fire. 


We are fine here at LB headquarters bur could see the smoke form various fires around. It's quite something kids, I gotta tell ya. Naturally social media is melting down over here as people have become divided and are fighting as the fires have become politicalized. 

Fuck me, people are stupid. 

So yes, Wild Winds in Pincher Creek gets an 8 out of 10 on their website and there is no sign of a brewpub. I think this New England India Pale Ale is one of their main beers or it was the first one to come up on their beer page. Reading about this beer online makes me excited and I think it's time to pour. 

Lonebiker Beer Review team! Assemble!

The pour was had and it was kind of hard to get a head on this but our boy succeeded and we were left with a dirty golden coloured look. A one fingered head stood on top for a bit but dropped down to some lacing on the top and sides as the beer went down which is so sexy. Rawr.

Sorry, I am staring at the Moots right now. The beer looks real good as well. 

It has a nice citrus tone to it. From smelling and even tasting it is there. This is a very great tasting beer, mango and dark berries and it was quite hazy. Whatever the hell that means… Hold on, let me Google. The answer was quite boring meaning I am stupid and do not understand it so lets get back to the review. 

A definite winner. Those Pincher Creek folks knew what they were doing when they made this one. This is a mouth orgasm beer that leaves you wanting more. 

This beer gets 4.5 suds out of 5. 

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