Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Bikes are Life

 After about 12 days of being immobile I came back to life in a big way on the season debut of the titanium wonder bike. I stayed off the new bike even though this is gravel bike weather as it is the culprit of excruciating back pain or could it be that my core is a pudgy doughy mess? Damn you beer Friday Damn you!

So core exercises have been started as well as Youtube yoga sessions locked alone in my room for nobody to dare see. 

The bike is fine, it just needs to be tweaked. Not to say I won't be scared of it. 

The Moots though..

Holy shit kids I love that bike. Like the gravel bike it just wants to go and feels so damn fine all over. For a little while a few years ago my fat bike was my favourite oddly enough. The Moots grew on me in a big way in the last five years and I can't see it ever put away for good. A new bigger wheeled modern titanium frame would be a nice addition though. I was so close in 2021 but never pulled the trigger. 

The ride was from the Science park to Rogers Place to spread good luck somehow Lonebiker style to the Oilers as they have a big playoff game later. A visit to the Wayne Gretzky statue was had and we locked eyes for a good solid three seconds. It was an awe inspiring moment.

The route was Kents entrance to the lrt bike lanes to downtown past the vast expanses of homeless camps. I had to ride through one to cross 97 street and after a few hundred homeless in the streets I found Rogers Place. I type that and it sounds bad, there were lots out but I never felt threatened. 

To get back I crossed the mighty Tawatinâ and crossed back thinking my route back would be a lot easier on the north side with a lot less climbing and I was overdoing it on ride length considering I was told to take it easy. In the end we are 100 percent. 

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