Monday, June 5, 2023

No Plan, Just Ride

I made it further than I thought I would on a day I picked a starting point but had no set plan on where to go with some fleeting thoughts on what to do.

*Ride as much singletrack as I can on the drop bar Polish wonder bike.
*See how far I could go on a bridge run.
*Start in the valley, climb out and ride north into the country. 

The ride ended up being paved, gravel and some singletrack through Terwillegar and crossed every bridge until I got to Hawerlak where I wanted to investigate the destruction… I mean construction the city is doing closing the whole area for two to three years. I skirted around the outside and soon was pushed into a path that lead to a steep staircase which took me to car hell as the commute home was beginning. Saskatchewan drive took me to the Uof A farm and I finally found the old school paved path in the middle of apartment Armageddon. 

The climb up Whitemud ravine is still as evil as I remembered it. 

The Cameron Heights start took me below the Henday and into Terwillegar where I saw my first of many many many e-bikes throughout the day. Did I emphasize there were lots? I did see lots of older people on them which is great because they are getting out but I did wonder if one of those behemoths break down what that person will do. I could not imagine one of those old people trying to pedal that monstrosity back. 

The ride featured lots of stops where I took my time. Sub concisely I would fumble with things to prolong the time spent resting. Was it my brain telling me I'm tired? 

fenced off cause the city is chock full of morons

getting out of hawerlak was this lame 

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