Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Twenty Four More

Six rides into this ride every day challenge I took on in Strava and I am feeling pretty good. A Telford Lake run was on the menu after some soreness from yesterdays 30km plus ride. The most annoying thing about the whole challenge is the alerts I get on my phone whenever someone passes me on kilometres ridden which I assume will be most people once nightshift starts which is coming up quicker than the next political scandal. 

I had taken notifications off most apps as it is mostly gibberish bullshit. 

Yes that's right. Get off my lawn!

Telford lake rules kids. I have fallen head over heels for our close neighbours fine lake and infrastructure around it. They really did quite well. 

Yay Leduc!

Mountain bikes would suck there so if you are reading this and getting excited. Don't. It's a paved trail around a nice lake. It is well maintained and is worth a visit if you are local. If you fly in from Europe just to exclusively ride Telford Lake  than you should be locked into your local mental institution. It's nice and all but not worth that kind of attention. It's nice for the locals ok… It's quite swell in that regard but you international travellers head to the mountains. 

The bike is still super fun to ride and for the first time in my riding career I get road bikes and their epic speed and how good it feels to corner tight and fast. And I am not riding a road bike. 

Octane One killed it with this bike.it is beyond fun to ride. And so is riding bikes in Leduc. For the second time, way to go Leduc!

Chafe Chaser. Lung Puncher

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